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Y Club attends KUNA, ends year with successful delegation

Katie Baird

April 6, 2012

From March 18–20, duPont Manual attended the Kentucky United Nations Assembly (KUNA), an annual mock United Nations convention for schools all over Kentucky. Manual has attended this assembly for years, and its delegation ha...

Boys’ basketball team says farewell

Katie Baird

March 8, 2012

After years of sharing sweat, tears, and celebrations together, the ten senior members of the boys' basketball team have to say goodbye. The team finished 19–11 this season, putting them at number 21 in the state. One senior, B...

Full-length Forecastle Festival is back again in July

Katie Baird

March 8, 2012

Music aficionados across the nation rally around music festivals like Lollapalooza, Coachella, and Bonnaroo;  this year, Louisville is yet again hosting its own, locally famous Forecastle Festival from July 13–15. Forecastle was found...

Seniors play the waiting game as colleges make decisions

Katie Baird

January 31, 2012

As February rolls in, more and more students are figuring out their future plans. But for the more unfortunate students, the first of April is the day they await. Unless students applied to college on Early Decision or Ea...

Manual inspires students to take action

Katie Baird

January 18, 2012

On Monday, January 9, 2012, senior Jake Sims, along with Matt Garofalo (12) and Allison Traylor (11), took initiative and held a voter registration for anyone turning 18 before Election Day in November.  At the end of hi...

Manual football seniors depart; some sign to play in college

Katie Baird

January 4, 2012

After a 9-3 season, 25 seniors will say their farewells to DuPont Manual football forever. Many of these players have been a part of the team since freshman year and feel a strong sense of unity with their classmates. Some believe it'...

Early Manual Homecoming leads to spiritless Spirit Week

Katie Baird

December 7, 2011

This year Manual’s Basketball Homecoming will take place this Friday, December 9, about a month before it has traditionally been scheduled.“Basketball Homecoming is always scheduled on a Friday night in which we ha...

Field hockey team wins district championship; semi-final game tonight

Katie Baird

October 24, 2011

On October 18, the Manual varsity field hockey team won the district championship by defeating Presentation Academy 4-1. In addition to winning the district championship they also guaranteed themselves a #1 seed in the state t...

Freshman team stepping up

Katie Baird

October 20, 2011

The freshmen have arrived! This year, Manual’s Junior Varsity field hockey team consists of 8 players pulled from the freshman field hockey team. So far, they have won 8 games with the new team. The freshman team just co...

Audio Slideshow: GoodLuck Joseph

Katie Baird

September 29, 2011

Katie is a senior here at Manual and it is her second year on the RedEye staff. This year she is the assignment editor. Katie plans to attend University of Alabama next year and hopefully later become an ESPN sideline Reporter. ...

Opinion: Administration cracking down too hard on Manual dances

Katie Baird

September 23, 2011

Being an attendee of every Manual dance since freshman year, I’ve seen the good and the bad. These dances have ranged from the courtyard, to the small gym, and even in Noe Middle School’s cafeteria. In the past, t...