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Gallery: Photojournalism students learn night photography

Noelle Pouzar

December 21, 2012

On Sunday December 16, photojournalism students huddled at the corner of Jefferson and 6th street in Downtown Louisville, to learn about night photography. The outing was organized by Ms. Palmer to teach students about taking...

Gallery: Students practice a play during algebra class

Noelle Pouzar

May 28, 2012

[nggallery id=662] Two students rehearse for a skit in late April for YPAS classes.

Manual boys lacrosse defeats Eastern, 16 – 2

Noelle Pouzar

April 30, 2012

Last Thursday, the varsity boys lacrosse team played a game in the rain and resulted in a brutally defeating Eastern at an away game.  [nggallery id=638] ...

Gallery: Colorshow

Noelle Pouzar

April 26, 2012

For her photo studio project, Noelle Pouzar (11) experimented with the use of color representing different emotions and personalities.[nggallery id=656]

Gallery: Students rehearse a play during math class.

Noelle Pouzar

April 19, 2012

Students Katherine Summerfield (12) and Chris Brumley (11) rehearse a scene for theatre class.  ...

Gallery: Girls’ varsity volleyball vs. Sacred Heart on September 15

Noelle Pouzar

September 28, 2011

Manual's varsity volleyball team competed in an away game against Sacred Heart on September 15 at 7 p.m.[nggallery id=333] ...

Gallery:Prepping for Pep Rally

Noelle Pouzar

September 23, 2011

[nggallery id=187] // ...

Red and Black Club adds to students’ political voice

Noelle Pouzar

May 31, 2011

Red & Black Club focuses on members discussing and teaching the principles of anarchism. The club is not sponsored by a teacher and club creators say they have no intention of making this happen in the future. This is because...