Manual RedEye

March Madness is in Manual’s halls

Nathan Pierce

April 2, 2011

According to ESPN, "It keeps you up at night and consumes every minute, of the month of March. You will leave work to see if it is correct. It creates a diversion from your girlfriend's constant nagging....This is the March Madness...

Manual students walk out in solidarity with Wisconsin protests

Nathan Pierce

March 11, 2011

Several Manual students organized a walkout in solidarity with protests over the loss of collective bargaining rights for Wisconsin Union workers. The walkout was planned as a national sign of solidarity with public workers in Wiscons...

Senior recognized as Bowler of the Year

Nathan Pierce

March 4, 2011

Garrett Hillerich (12), the only male senior bowler on duPont Manual's team, was honored as Kentucky High School Bowler of the Year. The bowler that gets this award, must be chosen by the majority of the bowling coaches in Kentucky....

A Senior’s Season Cut Short

Nathan Pierce

February 22, 2011

Casey Moore (12), was one of Manuals's most talented and superior wrestlers. He was ranked 13th in the state and 2nd in the region. One week before regionals, Casey became ill, which was thought to be the common cold. After going...

Manual baseball team starts early conditioning

Nathan Pierce

December 6, 2010

The Manual Baseball team has started their conditioning for the upcoming baseball season. The team conditions from 5:30am to 7:00am, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in the small gym. The conditioning consists of lifting...