Manual RedEye

Manuscripts, Episode 2: Senior Soakers edition

Charley Nold

May 10, 2012

Manuscripts: The Manual Story Telling Session is a podcast devoted to the raconteur, the biographer, the braggart, the kids who color outside the lines—the round pegs in the square holes. Here we present the untold stories...

SBDM discusses results of parent surveys and new club proposals

Kelsi White

November 4, 2011

The Manual Site Based Decision Making (SBDM) council met last Wednesday, Nov. 2, to discuss a parent survey distributed at the previous meeting on Oct. 5, as well as to discuss the proposal for the new “j” club. T...

Students showcase musical talent at Ramstock


October 19, 2011

On Monday, October 17, students kicked off Red/White Week with Ramstock, where bands and singer-songwriters performed their music in front of the student body. Students came out to support classmates and enjoy good music. [nggallery...

Gallery: CMA Ice Cream Social

Zac Jones

September 23, 2011

CMA held an event after school to get rid of excess ice cream from previous events.[nggallery id=260] Zac Jones is a contributing photographer. ...