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Opinion: On ‘Murica Day, remember the past, but focus on moving forward

Brittany Nelson

October 16, 2012

'Murica day has arrived and patriotism is running higher than ever. But what does ‘Murica day really mean? Is it the time to focus on our nation's stunning achievements or the things that have made us laughingstocks to other...

The Redeyed Reader: A case for the classics

Redeyed Reader

October 1, 2012

In the twelve years I have attended public school, I have been assigned to read To Kill A Mockingbird four separate times. I have read Romeo and Juliet twice, and discussed The Giver at least twice as well. These are books published...

RedEyed Reader Teacher Feature: Mr. Wright

Redeyed Reader

September 9, 2012

The RedEyed Reader wants to know what the teachers around Manual are reading. This week's teacher feature is on David Wright, who teaches Sophomore and AP English. Name: David Wright Teacher of: English What is your favorite ...

Mathematics, English, and music come together for new teacher Ms. Connie Wilcox

Emily McConville, Content Director

August 28, 2012

Ms. Connie Wilcox (English, math) was on TV for the second time this summer. The show was Great Day Live, and she was playing piano with her 17-member jazz band, the Swing Street Big Band. “Most of the time I’m the only female, you know,” she said, smiling. ...