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Election Breakdown

Election Breakdown

June 4, 2014

Romney is single-handedly winning the race – for Obama

Joey Demarco

September 25, 2012

“Embarrassing.” “In a downward spiral.” “Completely imploding.” No, these are not reviews of Nicholas Cage’s acting career; they are phrases that have been used to describe Mitt Romney’s campaign over the last...

Opinion: The Zimmerman Shooting: Consider if the races were switched


May 21, 2012

You may genuinely believe George Zimmerman is innocent and that Trayvon Martin attacked him first with his lethally sour Skittles and deathly cold glass of iced tea, but even if you do, you simply cannot justify the Florida justice...

Opinion: The legacy of white supremacism and why race still matters

Julian E. Wright

April 6, 2012

Like any great book, the previous words written, paragraphs punctuated, and chapters completed, all do a small part to create context. You couldn’t simply begin reading in the middle of War and Peace without starting fr...