Manual RedEye

Hiking Club is still unofficial

Taylor Ratliff

March 23, 2012

The idea of a Manual Hiking Club, developed by Sarah Fischer (12) and Erin Bridges (12), still is unofficial due to possible injuries. The two seniors proposed the idea earlier this year. "Mr. Wooldridge is worried about kids getti...

Hiking Club’s First Hike

Erin Bridges

January 12, 2012

Even though the club's not yet official, members of Hiking Club decided to get together to hike at Bernheim Forest & Arboretum after school on a Friday.[nggallery id=540]  ...

The Circadian Rhythm: An Interactive Look

Tim Nwachukwu

November 15, 2011

On November 3rd, nine Visual Arts seniors began what is to be a series of art galleries hosted at the Norma Brown Art Gallery. This show, entitled The Circadian Rhythm, takes visitors on a journey through four years of these ar...