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Tornado warning shaves 40 minutes from third block, messes up lunch schedule

Patrick Haertel

January 17, 2012

Teachers moved their students to hallways today after Principal Larry Wooldridge announced a Jefferson county tornado warning via the intercom. Around 10:55 a.m., storm warning sirens sounded across the county, and at 11 a.m....

JCPS closes school for second day straight

Julian E. Wright

August 15, 2011

For the second day straight, JCPS has cancelled school for its 101,000 students; schools will now be closed Tuesday, August 16. The closings were caused by a storm that swept through Louisville Saturday evening. According to...

School closed on first day for JCPS; more storm damage photos.

Charley Nold

August 14, 2011

Jefferson County Public Schools will be closed for the students’ scheduled first day, Monday, August 15. New Superintendent Donna Hargens made the announcement at 12:30 this afternoon. According to Antionette Konz of  the...

Storm damage hits Jefferson County, many without power

Charley Nold

August 13, 2011

It’s almost a cliché at this point: Louisville gets minutes of rain and massive wind gusts and ends up with a week of cleanup. On August 13 around 5:30 PM, a severe thunderstorm warning was issued by the National Weather...

Winter Storm Warning for January 20th

Marianna Michael

January 19, 2011

As of 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday January 19th, local news stations are reporting that the JCPS district will be watching the weather for what is reportedly the strongest snow storm that has been experienced all winter. Kentucky is...