Manual’s second annual Photo 2 Show: Fotos De Mayo


On May 5, 2011, students in Mr. Curtis’s photography 2 class held the second photo show since last years “Kitty Kat Parade”, the first ever photo show. This one, titled “Fotos De Mayo,” showcased student’s art after two years of working with Curtis. Photography 2 class is exclusively for Seniors, making this night a staple in their last year at Manual High School.

“The best part about the show itself was the collective positive vibe that was in the air and how it has continued into class. It was a chance to come together and celebrate two years together of hard work,” said Curtis. The walls were entirely covered in the Norma E. Brown Gallery as a pinata hung above a pile of tootsie pops and candies in the center of the room. Walking into the show, attendees were greeted with the aroma of fresh tacos, queso and salsa and left with cake balls and snickerdoodle cupcakes for dessert.

After getting past the food, the show only got better. The creativity and passion shown by these students was amazing in itself. Photo 2 student Duncan Pope hung pieces that exhibited his individual style, including “ROFL,” a black and white photograph of graffiti in one of Louisville’s infamous abandoned buildings. Unlike some students, Pope put five pieces together with the reoccurring street art theme that included black and white pictures with the addition of sharpie.

Another student, Sean Collier, put together an array of cohesive large black and white photos that were absolutely stunning. One that especially stood out was “Portrait of Boy,” whose blue eyes are the focal point of a print with professional quality. Another student that was a staple in the show was Patrick Zakem. “Patrick Zakem’s work was probably one of my favorites. He obviously knows what hes doing and he puts his own pizzaz into his work,” said Collier on his peers work. His work included a beautiful photograph of an elderly woman accompanied with another print under that of a hand holding a picture in it, entitled ” A Generational Thing.”

Although not all the artists were mentioned, each student had a piece that stood out. Students in the photography 2 class definitely impressed on Fotos De Mayo, and have once again displayed talent from all of Manual’s magnets. “It’s a pretty big class, I think we did a good job for the size,” concludes Collier.



By: Clara Campeau Photo By: Sean Collier- “Portrait of Boy”