We tell stories that matter.

Manual RedEye

We tell stories that matter.

Manual RedEye

We tell stories that matter.

Manual RedEye

About Us

Manual RedEye is a national-award-winning student news publication for duPont Manual High School in Louisville, Kentucky. We have a staff of 30 members and strive to accurately cover and represent the Manual and Louisville communities. Manual RedEye is part of Manual’s Journalism and Communication magnet, one of the nation’s top award-winning media programs for high school students, preparing “aspiring students for careers in journalism, broadcasting, public relations, advertising, multimedia, graphic design, and photography—and learning leadership, writing, and media skills applicable to virtually any career.” We cover everything from the Male/Manual football game to the Kentucky Derby Festival to political elections.


A resource for Manual RedEye staff members and other Journalism and Communication students can be found on the J&C Wikipedia page. You can find our class syllabus, the journalism elements and yardsticks as well as extensions of the policies written below.

Content submission

We welcome submissions from members of the Manual or Louisville communities for publication. Please note that any articles, op-eds or designs should be relevant to our audience. If you are interested in submitting a piece to our editorial board, please email [email protected]. We reserve the right to edit the submission prior to publication as well as the right to decline its publication.

Content takedown

In the event that you wish a piece of media (i.e., quotes, photos, videos, comments or content on a Crimson Student Press Network affiliated social media account) be removed or taken down, you must adhere to the following procedures:

  • Write a formal email to [email protected] that identifies the piece of media that you are requesting to be taken down as well as your name and contact information.
  • The email must include the reasons why you wish the piece of media to be taken down.

Manual RedEye strives to adhere to the seven journalism yardsticks, the 10 elements of journalism and the Society of Professional Journalists’ Code of Ethics. If the act of removing a piece of media upholds any of these standards, your request will be reviewed.

The Editorial Board and the adviser have the jurisdiction and authority to not fulfill your request.

Profanity and hate/insensitive speech

Profane language may be included on the site only if it is in a relevant, newsworthy quote that is essential to the story.

When Manual RedEye decides to cover a newsworthy event involving racist, hateful or otherwise discriminating remarks by someone or an organization, RedEye will not further their platform. If there is video or audio of the speech, it will not be posted on RedEye.

The person saying or delivering the racist, hateful or otherwise discriminating remarks will not be directly quoted in the story.

Anonymous comments

Any comments that are attributed, related and meaningful to the story will be approved. We reserve the right to decline anonymous comments.

Covering death and suicide

In cases of student or faculty death by suicide, Manual RedEye’s coverage will never mention the cause of death. Instead, the story will be focused on a celebration of their life, effect on the community and the deceased’s other accomplishments. Articles dealing with such information will always be accompanied by sidebars with the National Suicide Prevention Hotline and other resources.

In cases of death by any other means, RedEye’s coverage will mention the cause of death in short but the majority of the article will be focused on a celebration of their life, effect on the community and the deceased’s other accomplishments.

No coverage of death or suicide will be shared on social media until a full article is posted on the website.

The Staff is permitted to use photos from social media, those provided by the family or photos taken by Manual RedEye photographers at previous events.

Any coverage of death is always approved by the adviser and the Manual administration will receive a courtesy notice that an article will be published.



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