Manual RedEye

James Guthrie: “The Greatest Louisvillian”

Tyler Sherek

June 1, 2011

Senior Nick Beckman explores the "Greatest Louisvillian", James Guthrie: founder of the L&N Railroad, the Portland Locks and Secretary of Treasury under Franklin Pierce. ...

Economy 502: A Documentary

Tyler Sherek

May 31, 2011

A documentary by Tyler Sherek explains the economic recession's effects and what is being done/ can be done to improve conditions. ...

Nonchalant news team: sickness spread at Manual

Tyler Sherek

May 13, 2011

Student News team consisting of Nicholas Beckman, Trevor Griner, and Tyler Sherek set out to investigate a recent outbreak of sickness in the school of duPont Manual.    

VOTW: Nonchalant News Team – Male vs. Manual shirts

Tyler Sherek

March 25, 2011

This week's video investigates Male High School's "top ten reasons to go to Manual" shirt. ...

Manual AM: Museum Plaza

Tyler Sherek

March 15, 2011

Manual AM story about the soon-to-be Museum Plaza. By juniors Cal Handmaker and Katie Baird.

Video of the Week: The Fifth Amendment

Tyler Sherek

March 2, 2011

In this sit-down talk show, seniors Trevor Griner, Matt Pardue, Asa Miller, Mark Watterman, and Tristain Griner teach us about the 5th amendment while sharing their stories with us as well. ...

Manual AM Episode Eight

Tyler Sherek

December 6, 2010

Originally aired on December 3, 2010. Features stories about Manual's new Anatomy class for juniors and seniors and the YPAS play Big River.