Manual RedEye

Second presidential debate an intense tug-of-war for the upper hand

Zoe Schaver

October 18, 2012

Following incumbent President Barack Obama's nosedive in the polls after the first presidential debate, both candidates arrived at Hofstra University tonight, October 16, prepared for a struggle. Major headlines confirm the fierceness...

Vice Presidential Debate: Both sides fiery, claims are disputable

Zoe Schaver

October 12, 2012

Tonight's debate on both domestic and foreign policy between incumbent Vice President Joe Biden and vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan, held in Danville, Kentucky, at Centre College, featured both candidates offering direct and...

Fact checkers identify half-truths on both sides of presidential debate

Zoe Schaver

October 3, 2012

During and immediately following tonight's presidential debate, the first of three total debates, websites like and Politifact, as well as news outlets like the Associated Press and ABC, began their standard fact checking process. B...

National Merit Semifinalists, National Achievement Award Winners, and Hispanic Scholars announced

Zoe Schaver

September 11, 2012

This year, for the Class of 2013, Manual has a total of 39 National Merit Semifinalists, two National Achievement Award Winners, and one Hispanic Scholar. All three awards are determined by students' scores on the Preliminary Schol...

Ms. Jen Groseth follows love of mechanics and teaching to YPAS

Zoe Schaver

September 5, 2012

There are two worlds Ms. Jen Groseth (Design & Production) has always been driven to be a part of: hands-on work, in carpentry and mechanics, and higher-level education—or simply anything to do with school. New teache...

Sherman Minton bridge reopening brought welcome relief to teachers, less downtown traffic for all

Zoe Schaver

April 2, 2012

For five months, Ms. Veronica Munn (Humanities) awoke at quarter of four every morning. Bleary-eyed, she and her husband ate breakfast, said goodbye to their restless dogs, and got in the car for a two-hour drive. More than once,...

Gallery: Apocalyptic scenes in Henryville

Zoe Schaver

March 21, 2012

RedEye staffers visited Henryville, Indiana, the day after tornadoes hit the town and surrounding areas. Photojournalism students Patrick Haertel (11), Seth Fischer (12), and Tara Steiden (11) captured the damage and the activity...

Schedule changes will alter students’ school routines

Zoe Schaver

March 8, 2012

The district recently announced its approval of a new schedule for the 2012–2013 school year, which comes coupled with Manual’s addition of a fifth lunch to the current lunch schedule.The new district schedule builds in e...

Video: Watch live stream of Glow

Zoe Schaver

February 24, 2012

Manual RedEye will stream video of Key Club's Glow from 6 p.m. to 1 a.m., where live musicians DJ JD, Cyntrix, NeNe, Rainy Daze Productions, GoodLuck Joseph, and the Sunday Proposition will perform.Watch the live stream →Read about Glow →...

President Project members meet with First Lady Michelle Obama

Zoe Schaver

February 23, 2012

A familiar anticipation preceded the President Project’s Facebook announcement Thursday night, scheduled for 8:30 p.m. At 8 p.m., the post was up: [quote]“We would like to announce that we have spoken with the First Lady,...

Manual teacher Mr. Clint Vaught passes away after complications with brain cancer

Zoe Schaver

October 18, 2011

A faltering voice came over the intercom shortly after first block began, far removed from the usual tone of the morning announcements. Mr. Wooldridge broke the news: Mr. Clint Vaught (Oral Communications and Debate) passed away...