Manual RedEye

New Teachers: Ms. Virginia Diaz

Name: Ms. Virginia Diaz

Subjects: Honors Integrated Science, Advanced Chemistry

On why she enjoys Manual: “Two things: First, I love the students. All of my students listen when they’re told what to do. They’re also very excited to learn. Especially since I don’t teach any MST students, it’s great to see that all my students across all magnets are really interested in what I’m teaching. Second, I’ve had a great experience so far with the other staff. I’ve had nothing but support from the staff; across all subjects, everyone has been willing to help. I like that I can walk down the hallway, and people say hello in the morning.”

On teaching science: “I want my students to learn how to think. My favorite part of teaching science is getting to explain how the world works. corporate directory A lot of kids are afraid of science, and they don’t think that they deal with it on a daily basis. Explaining things to them and seeing that light bulb turn on–it’s really invigorating.”

On her teaching style: “I like to be very hands-on, since science is very inquiry-based, so my teaching style reflects that.”

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