Manual RedEye

New Teachers: Mr. Noah Eltzroth

Interview: Mr. Noah Eltzroth from duPont Manual on Vimeo.

Classes: Programming, AP Computer Science, Computer Science Special Topics

On how he got to Manual: “I went through an alternative pathway. I’m not like the traditional teacher who went to school for education and then got their certification. I’m a little different…Previously, I taught at the college level for seven years, and I taught dynamic web development and computer programming. It’s a different experience for me. Coming to the high school level has been very exciting. Students are more energetic, and they’re definitely excited to learn.”

On why he enjoys teaching computer science: “Programming is fun because you get to be very creative. If you can think of something, you can generally come up with a way to implement it, and it’s more or less free. If you have a working computer, then you can download some software and you can start being creative without spending a bunch of money.”

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