Manual RedEye

New Teachers: Ms. Mary Alice Kustes

Name: Ms. Mary Alice Kustes

Classes: Fashion and Interior Design, Foods, Relationships, Textiles

On what she enjoys about Manual: “I enjoy the students. These are the most fantastic students I’ve ever met, and I’ve heard that from the outside, but now that I am in the classroom with them, they are off of the charts.  They’re on time, they’re fun, they’re respectful, they’re engaging.  This is a group of students I’ve never had the opportunity to be around.  It’s been a real honor.”

On the difficult aspects of working at Manual: “So far the only thing I’ve had to become accustomed to is getting around the building and learning the “H.”  Since I’m on the third floor I’ve had a lot of great exercise.”

On her career prior to Manual: “Before coming to Manual High School, I taught at South Oldham High School.  Before that, I had an opportunity to teach in El Paso, Texas and Boulder, Colorado.”

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