Manual RedEye

New Teachers: Ms. Andrea Nacionales

Name: Ms. Andrea Nacionales

Subjects: Advanced Integrated Science, Honors Chemistry

On her teaching style: “My primary focus is that the students learn Kentucky State Standards, so I’m pretty relaxed about dates. If that takes you three days because you’re really busy with YPAS, or you have a reading disability, or something else, then that’s okay. If it takes someone else twenty minutes, then that’s fine too. My goal is just that everyone knows what they’re supposed to… I want my students to recognize that learning can happen in many ways, and also that learning should be the number one priority, not necessarily just filling out a paper. There are multiple ways to prove that you’ve learned something.”

On why she enjoys teaching science: “I like it when students realize that science is not some phantom, that it affects everything that happens around us. I focus on labs using items that students are used to. Today we did a lab using Kool-Aid, and everyone thought that they could do it.”

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