Manual RedEye

New Teachers: Ms. Rebecca Raley

Name: Ms. Rebecca Raley

Classes: Life Skills, Foods


On what she enjoys about Manual: I love the building–all the old architecture and the history you feel when you walk in. I’m a history geek, and the feel of the building is awesome. You feel like you’re a part of something.

On why she enjoys teaching family and consumer science: I’ve done this my whole life. I started cooking when I was nine years old. When I graduated from high school, and the question of what I wanted to do with the rest of my life came up, there wasn’t a choice. I wanted to teach, and this is what I wanted to teach. I mean, I like history, but I’m not a history teacher. I like that my subjects are hands-on, and I like the applied math and science and how you’re able to use what you learn in school. I also like being able to create and do projects, and I love sponsoring FCCLA and all the activities that come with that. I wouldn’t do anything else.

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