Manual RedEye

New Teachers: Mr. Ric Vaughan

Name: Mr. Ric Vaughan

Classes: ECE

On what he wants his students to gather from his class: “I think the one thing I want my students to know is that learning is lifelong. They don’t just learn the material, whether they’re going to be tested on it in class and then they only retain it for that information. The things that they’re learning is life long. It’s not just focused on what happens in the classroom.”

On coaching cheerleading: “The dual role of teaching but also coaching cheerleading–really increasing that school spirit–is very important…I talked to the interview committee and then the cheerleaders about trying to boost the school spirit, getting the student section really alive and commanding all of the sports that we participate. Really letting our voice be heard all across the field, all across the court, everywhere we go. [Spirit] has got to be student led. I put it into the cheerleaders, and the cheerleaders put it into the students.”

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