Instead of class: How they spent their snow day

JCPS decided to call off school, but Manual students stayed active — for the most part.

Renee Groulx (11) took her friend sledding “One of my best friends (had) never been sledding. So, I planned on taking advantage of the snow day to help her live her life enjoying little things like sledding.”

Others didn’t go out in the snow. “I went to see a movie called Rabbit Hole,” Danny Cox (11) said. Elise Hagan (11) stayed inside to bake cookies.

A few students even had academic events to attend on their snow day. “Some of us (had) to go to a quiz bowl tournament in South Carolina,” Jiahui Hu (9) said.

by Dakota Sherek

James Miller is RedEye’s faculty adviser. This is Mr. Miller’s fifth year as staff adviser, 11th year at Manual, and 14th year as a JCPS teacher. In a previous life, he worked at WHAS-11 and the Courier-Journal.