R/W Week 2018: Crimsons go crazy at the pep rally

Manual had their much awaited Red White Week pep rally this Friday. Here is a recap of the longest pep rally of the year.

R/W Week 2018: Good doggies

While Male is cast as the enemy in the Old Rivalry, the Bulldogs are just as excited as the Crimsons for the Male v. Manual game.

OPINION: Yes, you can draw

It is not hard to draw. You just need a pen and paper. The hard part is getting better.

R/W Week 2018: Seniors seal the deal in powderpuff

The seniors won the annual powderpuff game against the juniors 13-12 tonight at Manual Stadium.

R/W Week 2018: The Dazzlers dazzle Manual at the pep Rally

The Manual Dazzlers perform at every pep rally,in front of the entire school, but the Red/White Week pep rally is the biggest one of the year. The Dazzlers are excited, but also a little nervous.


R/W Week 2018: Manual students sumo wrestle and more at the carnival

This Wednesday, Manual had their Red/White Week Celebrity Day and annual carnival after school.

R/W Week 2018: Let’s make this Red/White Week green

Be environmentally conscious this Red/White Week with these simple tips and solutions.

Manual releases details of 2019 renovations

Manual's building will be undergoing major renovations in 2019 and while not all of the details are worked out, we can definitely expect the layout of the building to be drastically changed.

BREAKING: Power outage, fire alarm disrupt classes

Many teachers in Manual's main building continued teaching even while the power was out.

R/W Week 2018: Executive Council decorates for the week

Last Friday, Manual's Executive Council and National Honors Society stayed after school to decorate the hallways with balloons and posters.

A Louisvillian’s guide to the Kentucky General Election

With midterm elections less than a month away, it is the perfect time to get a look at the final candidates and research their policies and issues before heading to the polls on Nov. 6.

R/W Week 2018: Playlist

Listen to this hype playlist to get excited for Red/White Week.

R/W Week 2018: Steering Committee vs. Executive Council

A lot goes on behind the scenes of school-wide events like Red/White Week. Here's an explainer of what Executive Council and Steering Committee do.

R/W Week 2018: Use #RE on social media

Interact with us on social media using '#RE' followed by the day's theme.

What is National Coming Out Day?

National Coming Out Day had its 30th anniversary this year. Here is what it is and why it should be recognized.

Crimson field hockey wins on senior night

The girls' field hockey team celebrated their Senior Night tonight against the Butler Bears with a 10-0 win.

Crimsons pound the Panthers


R/W Week 2018, OPINION: Enjoy Roastmas, but please roast responsibly

While Roastmas certainly sees its fair share of abusive comments, that doesn’t mean that we should condemn the it in its entirety. Roastmas is a fun tradition, and we should focus on making it better, not erasing it.

OPINION: Locker room talk

Nikki Haley’s resignation perpetuates Trump’s high staff turnover

The resignation of United States United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley reflects the precedent of high turnover rates in the Trump Administration.

Male defeated Manual last night 48-0 on a rainy night of the Old Rivalry.

Male/Manual is about an hour away. In case you need a quick crash course on the basics of football, this graphic is for you! Graphic by Phoebe Monsour and Maya Joshi.

Seniors won the spirit stick. Stay tuned to @theCSPNsports for live coverage of the game against Male tonight!

As Red/White Week draws to a close, we asked Manual teachers to share their thoughts about this past week.