R/W Week 2017: Crimsons go crazy at carnival

Manual celebrated Costume Day and Red/White Week with a carnival.

R/W Week 2017: Rivalries with other schools

Athletes from other Manual teams talk about their own rivalries.

R/W Week 2017: Rocking out at Ramstock

This years Ramstock comprised of three bands battling to play at the pep rally.

This Week in Manual Athletics: Oct. 16-21

Football After suffering a loss of 14-7 against Pleasure Ridge Park, the football team will go...

R/W Week 2017: What are the costs?

Students and teachers explain the expenses of R/W Week.


Panthers claw the Crimsons

The Pleasure Ridge Park Panthers defeat the Manual Crimsons in a nail-biting game by 14-7.

Six ways to become more active in your community

Editor-in-chief Olivia Evans discusses six ways you can become a more involved and influential member in your local community.

BSU honors Las Vegas victims with moment of silence

Tuesday morning the duPont Manual BSU took a moment of silence to those who fell victims to the Las Vegas mass shooting.