Student Senate discusses microwaves, among other issues

The duPont Manual Student Senate’s meeting last Tuesday, Dec. 6 was highlighted by the proposal of several new ideas by Senate members, including enhancing the standards of the microwaves in the cafeterias.

It had been brought to the attention of the Senate that the microwaves were not being cleaned, and some people were spending too much time using the microwaves.

“I’d like to have someone watch or supervise the area,” Jack Grundy (12) said.  “I feel this would help fix the situation,” Grundy said.

Senators each proposed ideas that they would like to accomplish this year, such as the implementation of free WiFi in the school or the continuation of “Manual for Manual”, a school guide for incoming freshmen that would be written by graduating seniors.

Some Senators are upset by the lack of progression of the Senate thus far. “A lot of the things we’re trying to change are not getting done.  It’s kind of aggravating because a lot of the ideas are really good,” said Robin Zhao (11).

“It’s a learning experience,” said sponsor Ms. Allison Hunt (Social Studies).  “We’re always welcome to suggestions on ways to improve the Student Senate,” she said.

The Senate meets the first Tuesday and second Thursday of each month in room 224. All Manual students are allowed to attend Senate meetings to express their own ideas.


Joey DeMarco served as the Live Content Producer for Manual RedEye from 2012-2013. Joey is a
dangerous character with a shady past. He is recognizable by his striking blue eyes which are reminiscent of the skies in heaven. He was a runner for Manual’s Track and Cross Country teams, as well as VP of the Young Democrats.