Manual to hold recognition ceremony on Thursday

A “recognition ceremony” will be held Thursday at 1:45 pm for the recent achievements of various teams at Manual.

“We want to recognize all superior achievements, athletic or academic,” Mr. Darryl Farmer (Assistant Principal) said. “We just want to make sure everything is appreciated.”

Over the weekend, the Science Olympiad team took the top four spots in the Louisville regional tournament; the Academic Team won state; the swim team won combined state; and the Latin team won state.

Here is the schedule for Thursday, according to Mr. Kingsley:

1st block – 7:40-8:55
2nd block – 9:00-10:15
3rd block – 10:20-12:15

1st lunch – 10:20-10:40
2nd lunch – 10:44-11:04
3rd lunch – 11:08-11:28
4th lunch – 11:32-11:52
5th lunch – 11:56-12:16

4th block – 12:20-1:35
Assembly – 1:45-2:20


Margo Morton was a co-Editor-in-Chief of RedEye during the 2013-2014 school year. When she’s not talking about her favorite dogs at the pet hotel she works at, she’s probably talking about dolphins. She is studying journalism and sociology at Ball State.