Drunk driver wrecks into students’ cars during school hours

Last Friday, March 21, Manual students Jack Lindsey (11) and Scott Lundstrom (11) were informed that during school a dunk women had driven the wrong way down 1st street and wrecked into their parked cars.

“I had my phone out in class, so I thought I was in trouble when a YPAS secretary took me out of class” said Lundstrom, “she brought me out to the scene after she told me what had happened.”

Lundstrom was shocked when he saw the woman’s car smashed, perpendicular to his. The woman had hit Lundstrom’s car and started to spin out, which caused his car to rear-end the vehicle parked in front of it. The car parked in front of Lundstrom’s belonged to Lindsey.

Much like Lundstrom, Lindsey was taken out of his fourth block class.

“I thought she just side swiped my car, but when I laid eyes on it, I was pissed.” Lindsey recalled.

All drivers involved were asked to present their license, registration, and proof of insurance. No one was injured, though the intoxicated driver was taken in an ambulance to University hospital until she could function properly.

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