Manual to hold drunk driving presentation

The company Cinema Drive will hold drunk driving awareness presentations tomorrow, Wednesday 9th, for upperclassmen during each block.

The interactive video presentations will last 90 minutes, and will “target the effects of driving under the influence of alcohol and other hazardous situations while behind the wheel of a vehicle,” according to an email to faculty from Principal Mayes.

Seniors that have the last names A-M will report to the auditorium after attendance is taken in 1st block, followed by Seniors with the last names N-Z during 2nd, Juniors with the last names A-M during 3rd block and Juniors with the last names N-Z during 4th block. Juniors attending the 3rd block presentation will eat 1st lunch.

The presentation was proposed by Student Senate Representative Emily Wilbar (12, HSU), who was given the task of alcohol use prevention by Mayes last January.

The event will cost the school an estimated $3,500.