February 18th, 2018
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OPINION: Minority Report

Representation of Minorities in Mainstream Western Media

DAY 9: What to Watch (Holiday Edition)

Wondering what to watch this holiday season? Check out RedEye Managing Editor Alex Coburn's guide to holiday movies.

What to Watch: November

Here are all the movies and shows you should watch for in November.

What to Watch: October

Managing Editor Alex Coburn shares what shows and movies are worth watching on Netflix, on TV and in theaters this month.

What to Watch: September

Find out what's coming up in movies, T.V., and streaming this month.

What to Watch: June

Find out what movies and T.V. shows you should be watching this June.

OPINION: Why the Bechdel Test is the wrong way to view...

Even though many movie critics and movie watchers use the Bechdel Test to judge whether a film is feminist or not, we should be holding films to a higher standard.

Manual’s Guide to the 2015 Academy Awards

Take a look at the eight films nominated for Best Picture at the 87th annual Academy Awards, and see what Manual students think about them and their chances of winning.

Taste of Cinema: Chinatown

In this week's review, "Chinatown" (1974) offers a unique lead performance and a definitive entry into the Noir movie genre.