Chaotic Couture: First post

Franey Miller

Hello everyone! I am Franey Miller, and this is my fashion/fashion photography/personal style/inspiration blog. I’m going to start out by posting a few of my favorite outfits to wear. In three words, my style is colorful, patterned, and theatrical. I love whimsical, flamboyant, and floral clothing a whole lot.

Here’s my favorite outfit of all time:Photobucket
I got the dress at General Eccentric about a week ago and I absolutely love it. The fabric is silky and the collar is red lace and it’s just perfect. I got the socks from Target, and the shoes from Forever 21.
Here is a detail of the fabric:Photobucket This outfit is called I-don’t-care-if-my-sweater-is-the-ugliest-thing-ever outfit:Photobucket
I got my gorgeous sunflower sweater at a thrift store on Frankfort Ave called Sister Act Consignment. The lady working there gave me 50% off the price because she thought the sweater was so ugly. I personally love this sweater and I wish it were a lighter fabric so I could wear it all year round. I might have to find an ugly sunflower dress so I can keep my sunflower-ness up in the summertime. My shorts are hand-me-downs, but you could get similar ones at Forever 21 or a thrift store like Goodwill. My tights are from Charlotte Russe, my socks are from Target, and my shoes are from Forever21 as well.

Here’s the last outfit for this post:Photobucket
I got that really really really short dress from Urban Attic, which is a beautiful indie thrift store on Bardstown Road. It was originally from Forever 21, so you could find something similar there. My cardigan is from Goodwill, and you could buy one at Target or Forever 21 or really any store that sells cute clothes. My tights are from Target and my shoes are from Urban Outfitters. If you are tall like me and don’t like wearing heels to pronounce your tallness, then Urban Outfitters is a great place to get flats. I love flats!

Okay guys that’s all! I will be back next week with an inspiration post, or a fashion photography post. I’ll post whatever I’m feeling 🙂 If you have anything to ask me, please comment below! Also, if you liked this post, you should go like my facebook fanpage for my own photography here. My personal photography/style blog is here, too. Thank you for viewing my Redeye blog! 🙂

Franey Miller