Visual Arts magnet shows off “Serendipity” gallery

Visual Arts magnet shows off “Serendipity” gallery

Carolyn Brown

The Visual Arts magnet opened its third gallery of senior artwork, “Serendipity,” at 3:00 p.m. on February 2 in the Norma E. Brown art gallery. Chelsey Chapman, Madison Tamagni, Danielle Kean, Julia Winsch, Hannah Bissmeyer, Brandie Nix, Madison Wade, and Kelli Gard all collaborated to build the exhibit.

This gallery’s theme focuses on order and neatness. Its centerpiece is a white table set up with teacups and teakettles. “We couldn’t decide on a theme, so we decided on the idea of a tea party,” Brandie Nix (12) said. “‘Serendipity’ just seemed to fit.”

The sense of neatness is reflected in the artists’ statements about their pieces as well, which, unlike many artists’ statements, were for the most part rather short. Several artists (including Bissmeyer, Kean, and Nix) merely wrote one- or two-sentence blurbs describing their art. Madison Tamagni (12) explained, “We don’t like artists’ statements; we never have. We’ve written so many of them over the years; they’re all, ‘The first time I picked up a crayon, I knew I was an artist…”

Setting up for the art show, however, was much less orderly. “[We were] horribly freaked out,” Danielle Kean (12) said. “[We] tried not to have a panic attack and asked a lot of questions to everyone in the group.”

“Serendipity” is the only senior art gallery to have been created by an entirely female group of artists. Ms. Alesia Williams (English), who visited the exhibit, said, “There’s a strong sense of the feminine that permeates the room. Their lines, how they see the world, their subject matter – it celebrates femininity.” Indeed, nearly half of the fifty-nine works exhibited on the walls of the exhibit have a central female subject.

The exhibit is open to students during and after school until February 20.