Kentucky Senate deciding on House bill to allow optional school bus ads

Jack Steele Mattingly

Last month, the Kentucky House of Representatives passed a bill allowing optional advertisements on school buses. The Kentucky Senate will soon vote on it.

The bill states that Kentucky school districts may sell advertisement space on their buses. The district would regulate the content of the advertisements, however, the bill prohibits ads regarding alcohol, tobacco, and sex.

The bill is mainly sponsored by representative Terry Mills (D) of Lebanon.

Many parents have fought against the bill stating the ads would distract other drivers and cause wrecks, but many Manual students do not think the bill will be so bad.

“If JCPS needs the money we should allow it. If we can’t trust the general public with enough not to be distracted by something as trivial as a buss ad, then there’s something wrong with our community.” Ben Speelman (10) said.

However, some teachers have different responses. “I think the exposure to advertisements is over saturated as is,” Ms. Beth Stottman (Social Studies) said.