Pinterested in Pinning

Morgan Loy

Recently, many students—specifically the girls—have joined a website that has really caught their interest—or should I say Pinterest? 

Pinterest is a virtual pin-board that allows you to organize your favorite photos, recipes, and craft ideas. Individual pin-boards can help you plan your future wedding, prom, or even career and athletic goals by surfing through pictures of clothing, hair styles, workouts, and anything else you can imagine. 

“Over winter break, my two older sisters in college persuaded me to get one. All the clothes I have found inspired me to dress cuter, and I even made my own wedding, future dream home and food board,” Haley Coble (9) said.

Administrators have gotten into the Pinterest fad as well. 

“I found out about Pinterest in September and I thought, ‘How unique and overwhelming,'” Ms. Lisa (Attendance Office) said. “I even found instructions on how to finish my kitchen cabinets.”

The website has its own app for iphones and androids. While most Pinterest users like having the access to pin whenever they want, others see it as a strain on learning. 

“I think [Pinterest] is dumb because it takes away from valuable education time. I always see girls on their iPhones pinning during class,” Austin Gupta (12) said. “It’s unacceptable.”