StARTing with Home: The otherworldly Noah Church

Kelsee Bryant

Walking around the Highlands area of Louisville, you’ll mostly likely see an extremely tall man wearing black-and-white-striped clothing, riding a very colorful hand-decorated bicycle. His name is Noah Church. Noah’s eccentric style of art has become very well-known, especially if you are a frequent visitor of Mark’s Feed Store, Cafe 360, and  the old Ear X-Tacy building (now a Panera Bread), for which his most famous mural was painted. He is a muralist above all else.


This is only a small piece of Noah’s mural, and one of my favorite parts. I really like the bright colors he used and the unique use of green shading. The way he puts everything together is creative and takes a lot of imagination. The mural looks like a cartoon or a comic strip—everything put together doesn’t make sense, but that’s what he seems to want, because all of it is out of this world and completely random. These techniques let the mural give off a happy vibe to the viewer, especially with all the smiling.

A lot of Noah’s art can be seen at Cafe 360, and this mural is between the Ear X-Tacy building and Mark’s Feed Store.