Chaotic Couture – Cincinnati Day Trip

Franey Miller

Last Sunday my mom and I ventured to Cincinnati, Ohio for me to shoot with two beautiful agency signed models.

I wanted the first shoot to be whimsical and child-like. The model, Lydia, was perfect for my ideas. Her curly bright red hair along with the white-ish pink bow for the first outfit reminded me of childhood days when little redhead girls would have their hair curled and tied back with bows. I know that when I was little, even though my hair was brown, that I had bows in my hair all the time. The bows were made by Anna Lee Roeder, who has her own bow business! Her creations can be bought at Hey Tiger, Acorn Apparel, and Cherry Bomb in Louisville.

Here are some photos from the first shoot. Model is Lydia @ MTM Cincinnati
Some of the clothing is from Hey Tiger, I’ll specify what is what later on in the post.

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The first outfit is from Hey Tiger, and the bow was made by Anna Lee Roeder. The second outfit’s boots are Lydia’s, and the dress is mine. I got it from General Eccentric, and you could probably go get the exact same dress is you desire; they still have some. The third outfit is all from Hey Tiger, and the last outfit’s sweater is my own. It’s vintage and I got it from Cherry Bomb.

I didn’t have many ideas for the second shoot, honestly. I was going to shoot with someone else, but she canceled, so Wings Model Management kindly sent me another model. We went Sawyer Point Park by the river, and it was nothing like I had expected! It had a beach volleyball court, a playground, a really cool river-like structure and more.

Here are some of the photos. Model is Brittany @ Wings Model Management. The clothing is from Cherry Bomb.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Her Converse were her own, and the brown boots that she’s wearing are my own. I got them from Unique Thrift for $5! Okay well, thank you for reading my blog 🙂