Art Club plans in secrecy

Brent Wesley

Every year, the art club at Manual composes a huge installment of some of the magnet’s most impressive works of art in the glass cases separating center hall from the main office.

“If you recall, last year we had a huge setup of an African savanna,” Zack Steiger (12) said. “This year we’re planning something big.”

The club’s plan is to wow the mass of students who pass the office everyday. Every year, VA students think of the idea for the big project during the cold months of winter, planning in secrecy so every student and staff member will be pleasantly surprised. 

Though Steiger spoke about the secret, he refused to give away even the slightest hint of what is to come this year. “The stuff we do in winter is usually top-secret, that’s really all I can say,” Steiger said. “It’s supposed to be a surprise so that when people walk in, they get a breathtaking ‘oh my god’ feeling.”