AP registration goes online


On February 18, Manual’s annual AP Exam Registration period officially began, but this time registrations were done online instead of the traditional paper format. 

The new online process was inspired by a similar system at Ballard High School. Students enter their information via a link on the counselors’ webpage and print out confirmation to bring to the guidance office. The personal data is recorded and stock piled, giving the AP coordinator updated information 24/7. 

“We give nearly 2000 AP exams to over 1100 students–and these numbers continue to increase every year. I’m the only counselor working with the AP exams. It really aids in the huge task of managing an AP program this extensive,” said AP coordinator and counselor Christy Teague.

Ms. Teague was not the only one that benefited from the new streamlined process. Students also have a much easier time with the paperwork. Last year’s process was much more tedious since the students had to both fill out paper work and somehow find the time to go file that paperwork with the guidance office. 

“Last year’s registration process was kind of annoying since we had to leave class,” said Elizabeth Scruton (11).