Ask Miss Lady: Prom

Miss Lady,
Prom is next month and I’m dateless. How can I find the perfect date?
-Dateless Beauty

Dateless Beauty,

Finding the perfect prom date isn’t easy; especially if you’re picky like me. The number one thing to remember is to go with what works for you. Forget about what your friends are looking for or what they found in a date and focus on you. After all, it’s your night and I’m sure you want a tolerable date around rather than someone you picked to impress another person.

Set an objective for your prom night and then make a list of characteristics you’d like your date to possess. For example,
Objective: To be silly and have as much fun as possible.
Characteristics: funny, smart, clever, good dancer, comforting, cute, and any other thing that’ll keep you smiling all night.
As you begin to add physical characteristics and age requirements, be sure to keep it realistic. One problem that we girls run into is dreaming up a guy that only exists in movies…or nowhere at all! NEVER compromise your morals, values, or respect for yourself in your selection process. That’s called desperation and you’re too good for that!

Having trouble on where to start your search? Look at guys who interest you. Whether it is a friend, a friend of a friend, or a guy you’ve been crushing on but never spoken to, get to talking! Shake that nervous feeling, step out of your comfort zone and ask a few “special guys”. This is prom season, so please know that you are not alone in this search. Your prom date search should be fun, so take it easy and find what works for you. Stay true. Be realistic, and keep it stress free.

Happy Searching,
Miss Lady