SBDM holds a special meeting to discuss new African-American history course

Kelsi White

The Site Based Decision Making Council called a special meeting on Thursday, February 16 to run through a second reading of a proposed African American History course for the 2012-2013 school year.

The class would discuss an in-depth history overview along with a study of the culture, contributions, and current status of African Americans in society today. It would also talk about the geographic origins, economic status, political contributions and barriers that the culture has had to overcome. The course would be offered as a social studies elective and all junior and seniors would be eligible to take the class.  

“We don’t learn about it enough at school so if we have a class about it, people can get a better understanding of it and be more aware of their contributions to history,” Ciara Cosby (11) said. The class would focus on extensive readings, research and community projects to help enhance the learning experience.

“I really think this class would benefit Manual as a whole, it would open up a whole new aspect of history that I think a lot of people would be interested in learning more about,” Samantha Moorin (10) said.