David Maslanka is working with YPAS


On March 8, duPont Manual students will perform Hurdling Through Space at Unimaginable Speed, a piece composed by David Maslanka, at YPAS at 7:30 p.m.

duPont Manual commissioned this piece and Maslanka decided to write for the school though he usually doesn’t write for high schools. Since Maslanka wrote the piece, he is going to work with the students since they will be the first group to perform it.

Students are very excited about the oportunity. “I’m super excited to play a piece written by him because we are highschoolers who get to play this piece. If you ask anyone in the music world they know who David Maslanka is. The fact that he is working with us makes us hold our heads high.” Kevin Maloney (12) said.

This piece is very dynamic.”The piece is absolutely gorgeous. Some moments are really intense and then others are just so delicate. It’s different because the different sections all contrast but they all still go together and it’s sill very musical. It’s also a lot more emotionally heavy than any of the other piece I’ve played on.” Brenna Williams (10) said.

David Maslanka has composed several other symphonies including Symphonies 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, and 9, 12 concertos.

Tickets cost eight dollars for students and ten dollars for adults. For tickets call 485-8355.