Ask Miss Lady: College Social Life


College is such a different environment and I’m leaving my old friends behind. I sometimes come off as shy or anti-social but, I love being around people. How do I make new friends?

-Lonely Freshman

Dear Freshman,

I refuse to call you lonely because you are not! You say you love being around people, so this will come naturally; we just have to work on your appeal. I’m not in college, but as a Communications/Media Arts major at Manual I’ve learned that you have to network. Making connections is key to meeting new people. To make new friends in college, you have to view campus as one big social spot – which it is. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to meet new people such as freshman orientation, move-in day(s), homecomings, and any summer programs that you may participate in. The twist is taking advantage of those opportunities and putting yourself out there. Step out of your comfort zone and put a welcoming smile on your face. Not only will you look more interesting as you approach others, that pleasant look will attract people to you. Wear it well and meet your new lifetime friends!

– MissLady