Ask Miss Lady: Things to do in Louisville

Miss Lady,

After the Kentucky Derby Festival, Louisville is very boring. What is there to do that will add excitement to my ever so boring life?

– Looking for Louisville

Dear Looking for L’Ville,

You haven’t been looking. As quiet and lifeless as Louisville may seem, you can find excitement on every side of town. It just takes some research. Louisville has several features that ought to make you feel proud to be a Louisville resident. We have over 120 parks all over the city that just scream recreation and fun. They’re perfect for barbecues, family get-togethers, or massive field days with your friends. It’s spring/summertime, so take advantage. Also, the Bardstown Road area is an amazing place to be day or night. Got a sweet tooth? The Dundee Candy Shop on Bardstown Road has quality gourmet chocolate and other candies that you’ll appreciate. There are also numerous boutiques to shop at, and international restaurants to dine at. If you ride into downtown Louisville you’ll run into the Actor’s Theatre where there is always a show. Whether it be a play, musical, or dance performance, you can always catch something. Of course there is the illuminating 4th Street Live that has everything you need. Heading out further to the east end, there are various shopping malls, centers, and department stores to visit. Open Range Indoor Paintball is another highlight of the east end. As you may now see, Louisville is very diverse and enjoyable on any side of town at any time of day. For more ideas, visit There’s a reason why we keep Louisville weird.

Best Searching,
Miss Lady