Governor’s Cup team advances to state tournament

Paoli Ortiz

After both the District and Regional Governor’s Cup competitions, Manual‘s Academic Team was able to bring home a first place on Social Studies, Language Arts, Arts & Humanities, Science and Mathematics Assessments. 

Manual’s Quick Recall team also placed first during Regionals against St. Francis High School, deSales High School, Pleasure Ridge Park High School, Brown High School, Central High, Valley High School and Doss High School. 

Ava Chen (11) won first place on the science assessment for regional competition.“Regionals went pretty amazing,” Chen said. “I think we are going to do great in State.”

Freshman Ellie Baker (9) felt proud of her team. “Winning Regionals got me really excited for State, we are much closer to our goal which is winning state,” she said. 

Other Regional competition winners – those who received first, second, or third place and thus advanced to State –  were Andrew Liu (Mathematics Assessment), Elizabeth Scruton (Mathematics Assessment), Jiahui Hu (Mathematics Assessment), Nolan Anderson (Social Studies Assessment), Conor Fitzpatrick (Social Studies Assessment), Ava Chen (Science Assessment), Meghamsh Kanuparthy (Science Assessment), Alice Liu (Language Arts Assessment), David Ferguson (Language Arts Assessment) and Carolyn Brown (Arts & Humanities Assessment).

Manual’s academic team is now getting ready for the Governor’s Cup State competition, which will be held  in Lexington, KY on March 10 and 11.