Science Fair Almost Over

Danielle Bridge

Over the past couple of weeks, science fair presentations were given at duPont Manual. Most presentations included either a poster board or PowerPoint, as well as a written paper for the teacher.

But science fair is not completely over with. Now that the students have finished their projects, they must apply for at least two Science Fair competitions. Some examples of these competitions are the Manual Science Fair, the Google Science Fair,  and the KJAS Science Fair. All of the possible science fair competitions’ deadlines vary.

Many MST students count on Manual science fair to be one of their competitions. “Once I heard I got into Manual Science Fair, I was relieved. One down, plenty more to go. I’ve applied to many of the competitions but they are very hard to get into, and I wasn’t accepted. The students that were accepted are all hard at work perfecting their boards, PowerPoints, and papers. As for me and many others, I’m getting my stuff ready for Manual Science Fair hoping for the best,” said Priya Matadar (10).

The Google Science Fair is also becoming a popular choice for MST students. For this science fair, all the work from the project is put onto a project website created by the student. “Very different from science fairs like Manual’s that you have to actually attend; Google Science Fair is online and more convenient because you do it all from home. I am very excited to see if I get accepted,” commented Thomas Neuteuful (10).