Key Club sells chocolate bars to earn money points

Samantha Klein

Over the past few weeks, Key Club members have been selling bars of chocolate in order to earn “money points.” It is required for club members to have a 15 money points every semester. The chocolate bars cost $1.

Cara Jennings (10) sold all of her chocolate bars in about two days. “I sold 50 dollars worth, and that counts for 20 money points,” she said. “It was easy because people were approaching me wanting to buy a bar, instead of me having to approach them.” 

Other members of the Key Club, however, didn’t know that the fundraiser was taking place. “I didn’t know about the chocolate fundraiser actually, but it definitely would’ve been helpful,” Aarthi Vadhanam (10) said. 

Many students believed that this fundraiser is a good one because they could make money fast, and because most high school students love chocolate bars. “Chocolate appeals to more people. Skittles and other candy items don’t have much of an effect on us. Everyone loves chocolate.” Spencer Satterly (10) said. 

Members of Key Club are still participating and selling chocolate bars until next week.