SBDM meets March 7 to discuss a proposed name change by the CMA department

Kelsi White

Manual’s Site Based Decision Making (SBDM) committee met on March 7 to discuss a proposed name change for the Communications and Media Arts (CMA) program to take place at the start of the 2013-2014 school year. The program would be taking the title Journalism and Mass Communications to better reflect the focus of the program as a whole.

The change came in response to a recent video produced by JCPS that highlighted the CMA programs at Ballard, Fern Creek, and PRP. Though the programs share similar names, the CMA programs at other schools are known as Communications Media and the Arts, including visual and performing arts as well as the media arts.

“I think CMA changing their name is a positive thing because it helps maintain CMA’s individuality and uniqueness while more ‘Communications Media and the Arts’ programs come up in JCPS,” Morgan Profumo (11) said.

Though the new name would veer from the history and tradition of the CMA magnet, it would serve as a way to distinguish the program from the similarly named programs at other schools.
“I like this; I think it is a great idea,” Principal Larry Wooldridge said. “I like that we are going to make ourselves a little different.”