Student Senate works on “Manual for Manual”

Joey Demarco

On Tuesday, March 6th, the duPont Manual Student Senate met again, working on the ongoing project “Manual for Manual”.

“Manual for Manual” is a proposed guide for incoming freshman that would be written by graduating seniors.  The book would give students tips and information for how to succeed during their time at Manual.

“(The book) will help freshmen go through school with a small guide with a map and small description of what to expect along with some tips for each magnet. We’re also including a list of clubs and activities that we have to offer at Manual and give them a start off on what they could maybe do,” Vickie Tang (11) said.

 The guide is the lengthiest project of the Senate’s year.  It has been a major focus point of every meeting since early October.  “The idea is really popular,” Jack Grundy (12) said.  “It has a lot of student enthusiasm and administrative support.”

The guide is popular due to the fact that it can reach beyond just incoming freshmen.  “Juniors can use it for advice on the ACT and SAT, while Seniors can look at advice for college,” Robin Zhao (11) said.

Despite the progress made on “Manual for Manual”, some members thought the overall productivity of the meeting was lower than normal. “Many people weren’t there, so we had very little conversation,” Zhao said.

The Senate meets the first Tuesday and second Thursday of each month in room 224. All Manual students are allowed to attend Senate meetings to express their own ideas.