Breaking the Tradition

Rachel Niel

During the Spring season, many juniors go to their first prom.

“It’s prom!” said Colleen Robertson (11). “I was excited to go because it’s a high school tradition and I had a date and everything.”

Some juniors weren’t allowed to go or had some reason that they couldn’t. Some would have gone if it was a possibility.

Cathleen Jeanty’s (11) parents would not let her go, “They wouldn’t give me a reason, just that I couldn’t go. If I was allowed to go I think I probably would have.”

For others prom became a dilemma for some people whether it was with planning, the price, or the prom date.

“Prom this year was just a mess for me,” said Josh Beal (11). “I didn’t plan ahead or anything and lacked enthusiasm. Most of my friends were going and I wanted to go, but it was too late to rent a tux or anything.”

Markita Helton (11) just didn’t want to go and said, ”Besides, I’d rather spend the $25 and whatever I would spend on a dress on something else, like Lazer Blaze.”

Like, Helton, some juniors would rather spend the money on other things. For example, Molly King (11) had to buy expensive point shoes for dance, so she decided not to spend the money on prom.

Brady McAfee (11) said, “I could find better things to spend twenty-five bucks on. I guess I would’ve gone if money didn’t matter. I am most definitely going to senior prom, though.”

The only problem for some juniors, however, was that they just didn’t have anyone to go with.

“I didn’t have a date,” said Caitlin Miller (11). “If I had a date, that I liked, I would’ve gone.”

Lita Phannaphomxay (11) said, “My boyfriend didn’t want to go. I had a dress and everything, and he just didn’t want to go. I’m going to Senior Prom no matter what.”

Some students decided to keep the prom tradition, but others chose the best thing for them was to break it.