Students, teachers to participate in Action for Africa talent show on March 30

Lisa Pham

On March 26, those participating in the Action for Africa talent show came together for rehearsal. The show will be on Friday, March 30. On that day, the other side of Mr. Wooldridge will be revealed as he sings and play on his guitar. 

The show has been in the planning process for weeks. “We had to deal with dress rehearsals, getting the right outfits, the right music, the mics, the model casting, and dealing with possible issues during the show,” Vice President Micah Walker (12) said.

Among those performing is Diane “Nila” White (9). This isn’t the first time she has been on stage. She had previously performed alongside her fellow Crimson Beats members to celebrate Black History Month. Although she said there were issues at the Black History Month show, she keeps a positive attitude for her next performance. “I thought it was time for the school to see me at my best. Something that I know I can handle and to grow a reputation for the rest of freshmen,” White said.  

The list of performers includes Mr. Larry Wooldridge (Principal), Ms. Nicole Finley (English), Dr. Greg Rash (Math), Mr. David Wright (English), Mr. Bryan Crady (Assistant Principal), Emma Scott (9), Emily Redden (9), Nila White (9), Sterling Crayton (9), Ebonie Jackson (9), Clare Hagan (10), Zachery Willman (10), Morgan Loy (12), Merryll Loy (10), Michael Brown (12), Sophia Crowder (10) , Allison Bray (10), Griffin Cobb (10), and Jacob Vittitow (11). Acts varies from flute playing to gangster rapping.