President Project to release new video on Monday

Patrick Haertel

Members of the President Project have recently been devoting their efforts to the creation of a new video—”Possibility City”—to be released on Monday, April 2.

The decision to make the video—which features scenery and architecture from around the city—came after a contact in the White House recommended they show the President that they aren’t giving up. According to President Project members, feedback from the White House has generally been favorable; however, there has not been any concrete news from the President or his representatives.

“We just wanted to create another video that would be cool and pay respect to the city that has been our home and Manual’s home,” President Project member Matt Garofalo (12) said. “Hopefully this video will open up more support from the Louisville area as a whole instead of just people with ties to Manual.”

According to Garofalo, who is the its director, the two minute video will feature recognizable elements of Louisville’s downtown, including Slugger Field, the Kentucky Center for the Arts and the Louisville Skyline.

“This whole project isn’t just about recognizing Manual’s triumphs,” he said. “It’s about recognizing that we’re located in a city that gives us a number of really great opportunities.”

The video was the result of a collaboration of a large group of students, including Garofalo, Eli Fosl (12), Logan Gilbert (12), Jake Sims (12) and other members of the President Project.