Students win significant academic scholarships

Tabitha Awoniyi

Since school is scheduled to end in almost two months, many seniors are checking one last time for college scholarships.
Although it may be a stressful moment for some, Allie Decker (12) said her feelings of stress turned into happiness after she received a full ride from the University of Kentucky. “I had to sign up for it,” she said. “Then they called me in for an interview. I work my hardest in academics, so I knew my hard work would pay off. And it literally did.”

Decker was not the only senior who discovered hoe academics could help with college expenses.

Hard work in academics paid off for Ciara Anderson (12) too, after she received an academic scholarship from the University of Cincinnati. “The scholarship is worth $2,000 a year,” she said. “It was given to be which was a really big blessing, because applying and getting scholarships is a lot harder than people think.” 

“This is why excellent work in academics are so crucial,” said Mr.Wright (English). “Colleges will pay top dollar for those students who take their work seriously, and really put effort into their studies.”