The Silent Hill series draws Manual kids in again

Brittany Downard

On March 13, 2012, Silent Hill: Downpour (the eighth installment of the Silent Hill series) was released.

“I did get it that night,” said Jonna Hogan (11). “but I’ve been waiting three years for this game.” 

The game pulls fans back into the dark town built over a coal mine that is Silent Hill. The town causes the protagonist to see and fight horrific monsters that he must fight in order to save his trapped loved one. In Silent Hill: Downpour, players try to figure out why the main character Murphy went jail, why he was being sent to a maximum state prison, and why he’s in Silent Hill.

The game has gotten numerous mixed reviews, and some fans have been disappointed. “It’s kind of disappointing that you merely stay on the outskirts of the town, and not actually in the streets,” Hogan said. 

However, other students still enjoyed it. “I like how they mixed the old and the new. I mean, since the original creators of Silent Hill left the series in 2003, many other game developers have picked it up, and tried to continue it with their own little twists,” Kennedy Stephens (11) said. ” . . . I must say, I’ve jumped a lot in this game. I love it. Silent Hill is back.”