Opinion: Please Supreme Court, overrule Obamacare

Julian E. Wright

No, I’m not one of those crazed-conservatives that think the Affordable Care Act is the worst thing that has happened to America since the 13th amendment to the Constitution; I am, however, a liberal who wants President Obama re-elected in November.

First, if you haven’t heard, the Supreme Court of the United States heard six hours of oral arguments on March 26–28 on the constitutionality of the law, due to the individual mandate, and plans to have a decision by June.

Simply put, I hope that the SCOTUS overrules the law. Why? The answer is simple. Politically, it places the proverbial ball in the GOP’s court for the foreseeable future. If Obamacare gets overruled, then President Obama can make the claim that “he tried to compromise” with the GOP and it obviously didn’t work. What’s the benefit of this? Well, then the Democrats can move towards a single-player plan, based around the fact that they tried to compromise and it failed.

The greatest possible benefit to the overruling of Obamacare is what’ll happen to GOP pandering in this election. If Obamacare is no more, then what will comprise the majority of Romney’s (considering he probably will be the nominee) talking points. All throughout the election, the “repeal of Obamacare” has been the foundation of Republican opposition.

So, after Obamacare, what’s left? The economy? Considering the economy is recovering (albeit slowly) it’s not something that can withstand opposition from the GOP. Of course, the GOP doesn’t care about what’s actually happening or reality or even facts.

So, yes. As a liberal and supporter of President Obama, I’m asking the Supreme Court to please, overrule Obamacare.