Once a Sequel Always a Sequel

Marnie Bush

Robert Downey Jr. steals the show again with the return of his super hero character in Iron Man 2.

The story takes place 6 months after Tony Stark (Downey) reveals his super hero identity to the world. Life is good for Stark and as far as he sees it, he’s the king of the world. Unfortunately for him, his world comes crashing down around him and he has to find a way to fix it before his time runs out.

This movie fulfilled everything needed for an interesting sequel and an enjoyable Friday night. There was action, romance, and enough comedy to balance it all out so that it is equally entertaining for guys and girls.

Although the movie was entertaining, we would compare it to the later installments of Pirates of the Caribbean in the way that it isn’t necessarily something we would watch again.

Sequels are never going to be as fresh or as new as the original, that is just something that you have to keep in mind, but aside from that, there was another thing we would criticize. There were several moments where it seemed that the director, trying to keep the interest level up, put way too many points of conflict together and instead of creating an epic movie moment, it just created confusion for the audience. There was just too much going on.

There was however, one specific thing we would change when it comes to this movie. In the first half of the movie, Downey’s character is completely obnoxious and full of himself. It does go along with the story line, but we found ourselves getting so annoyed with him that we would stop paying attention to the plot and turn all of our focus on how much we wanted his character to snap out of it.

Unplanned sequels tend to be a letdown when compared to originals, but Iron Man 2 did a very good job at keeping me entertained for the entire two-hour period and helped to create a perfect night out.